American Style… THUNDER RISING (since 2013)

Born from the ashes of two megabands, Thunder Rising is a new reality in the Hard Rock scenario. It features top level musicians including the extraordinary  voice of Mark Boals (Malmsteen,Ring of Fire), the roaring guitars of Frank Caruso (Firehouse, Arachnes, Strings24)and Andy Ringoli (Homerun), the thundering drums of C.C.Nail (Firehouse, Wine Spirit) and the powerhouse bass of Gabry Baroni (Arachnes, Strings24). Take a listen  and crank it up, you won’t be disappointed…….. The Thunder is Rising!

Official Web Site: thunder-rising.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thunderrising
YouTube Channel: youtube.com/ThunderRisingBand

Introspective Periods… KALEIDOSCOPE (1994)



Kaleidoscope born from the esigience to express the real guitar style of Frank Caruso without stylistic tag.

Production: Globalsoundnet S.A.S. – globalsoundnet.com

Kaleidoscope (solo Album) – 2004
All song written by F. Caruso & V. Caruso


Celtic Time… DARKLIGHT (2009)

11 darklight

The idea came from the combination of Metal/Gothic and Medieval music.

In the songs is always a melodic vein that It expresses his maximum potential in songs like Enchanted Night, a real Medieval “ballad”, but the sound spins around a very heavy Metal sound halfway between Trash and Death, that for the male voice, always embellished with a guitar virtuoso and magnificent choral parts.

A longside Frank, on guitar and vocals, we have Paola with his wonderful voice, tells this story enchanted ….



Guitar Oriented… STRINGS24 (2009 – 2011)

In 2008 after a meeting with his friends Sebo Xotto they found a parallel guitar project STRINGS24. The tird guitar in the first time was played by Gianluca Ferro but in the second album this role is covered by Gianni Rojatti and a lot of Special Guest as ANDY TIMMONS, MATTIAS IA EKLUNDH, ROB BALDUCCI and KIKO LOURIERO.


The Story has begun… ARACHNES (1998 – 2012)

In 1998 Frank Caruso and his brother Enzo Caruso found the ARACHNES an appeared  in compilations alongside  bands like STRATOVARIOUS and ANGRA.

Label in all time: Lion Music / Avalon Marquee / Scarlet Records / Underground Symphony / Lucretia Records Int.

Official Web Site: arachnes.it

Production: Globalsoundnet S.A.S. – globalsoundnet.com

Facebook: facebook.com/arachnesband


First Chapert… FIREHOUSE (1986 – 1995)








Labyrinth – 1994

Produced by Firehouse Multimedia Prod.
Published by Pongo Music
Distributed by Lucretia Records International

All song written by:F. Caruso – V. Caruso

The Origin… MACID (1981)

Macid Copertina

Produced by Ruggero Monti
Published by NAR
All song written by: G. Lomazzi